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08:50am 29/09/2002
  Alright, so now I have a new LJ. I added a few of my friends cuz I wasn't sure if the other people still wanna read my LJ. If so, just add me to your friends list and I'll add ya back.

So my new LJ is:


Feel free to add me!!!

Oh boy, yesterday was weird. My (love) life is turning into a soap opera!! Phew, gunna update my new LJ with what has happened .. me is some crazy chick .. :/
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11:37am 28/09/2002
  Hey folks. I NEED 2 LJ CODES!! Someone who can help me out????? Please!!!!!

I will love you forever and ever ;)

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hey there   
04:59pm 27/09/2002
  oh boy. i still don't know if i wanna delete my lj and get a new one or just quit updating and get a new one or keep this one and change some things bout it .. sigh .. i dunno.

well i gotta get ready for tonight. anne, elisa and nancy are comin over and we're going to this festival thing and then tomorrow morning we're going to my place and they are gunna sleep over. yay. it's gunna be great fun.

anyway, later
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09:52pm 22/09/2002

HOLY SHIT! This discussion is amazing. Lol. It turned out to be some great and interesting thing. LOL.
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Comparing Bush to Hitler - Herta Daeubler-Gmelin made a big mistake   
01:07pm 22/09/2002
  Today I read through some of my friends' entries and apnow's entry caught my eye. He wanted me to reply to his post, and I did reply to it:

"First off, I am German and I am proud to be German, and this will never ever change. Though, you might know, I don't feel at home in Germany, and I don't think Germans are that great. But this is just my opinion, and it's a personal thing and has nothing to do with our past. Our past - that’s one of the biggest problems. I think it’s not only a national problem, it’s a world wide problem. ..."

Read the whole entry + my comment.

C ya.
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02:32pm 19/09/2002

*cough* Yes, so .. I'm gunna start updating again soon. At the moment I'm pretty busy with school things and all. So I might not be able to post a super extra extreeeeeemly long post before the weekend. We'll see.

Maybe I'll also get a new lj. I dunno .. hummm
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08:15pm 17/09/2002
  alright. i need your help. i have a couple of things to decide / find and i just can't come up with any good ideas.

1) shall i start updating my lj again? - i sorta miss my lj :/
2) do you know some great songs i could use for my work out? i haven't felt that motivated lately but i wanna work out regularly again but i need some songs i can listen to while doing my work out.

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11:19pm 15/09/2002
  hey guys. i'm still alive. i've worked on a new layout. GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!! tell me what you think. wanna know what YOU think ;) byes  
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02:30pm 22/08/2002
  well, i don't wanna delete my lj. though i'm not gunna update, i'm getting tired of the internet, and my life is a bit messed up right now. i'll be back sooner .. or later.

see you all in a couple of weeks or so. take care, and keep smiling. don't forget me!!

bye bye!!
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06:26pm 21/08/2002
  haha .. i forgot .. i sorta have a date with phil. LOL. today in astronomy class (he sits behind me) we talked a little bit, and he goes "you could come over to my place some time" uhuh. our conversation was more funny and all. then he wrote me a lil letter and he said he was serious bout that. so i said okay. and finally we decided i'm coming over some day, and we are watching a horror movie. doobie doo. it's funny .. haha  
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just saying hello   
06:09pm 21/08/2002
mood: sick
Oh boy. I'm sick. I've been having a fucking headache from hell since yesterday morning. It's terrible. I'm having circulatory disorders, and yesterday I had a little breakdown .. sorta. School was out earlier cuz of the heat, so I went home at 1 pm, did some homework, had some cookies for lunch and at 3 pm I left. First I went over to this house where my grandpa worked yesterday. It is where people can donate for the victims of the flood. So I helped my grandpa and the other peeps there to sort out clothes, toys, shoes, etc etc. Then I went over to the Studienkreis to work there. You like teach kids there, and help them with their homework and stuff. It's a well paid job and I help kids who have problems in English. But I don't do it regularly, only if one of the teacher can't do it, then they call me and I help out. After that, I went home by bike and when I was home I suddenly felt all sick and dizzy. My mom said I looked totally pale, and she told me to sleep for a while. I awoke to my granny talking a bit too loud, and then I showered .. I've never spent only a couple of mins in the shower. But I felt so bad :( Then I went to bed and fell asleep. Today I don't feel any better. Well, I'm not feeling as dizzy as yesterday but it's still strange. I think I have to throw up any minute. It sucks, I know :( I'm gunna work out then, and after that go to bed so I can get as much rest as possible. I really need to rest.

The highlight of today was Mr. Perfect!! I now know where he lives (only a min away from my house!! weeee) and I do know his last name, and I think I do know his first name as well.
I know I'm crazy but who cares??!!

Alright, that's it for now. I'm soooo sleepy. Byes!!
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"Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action." B. Disraeli   
05:17pm 19/08/2002
mood: working
Oh boy, it's crazy how busy I am. Weeeeee. But it makes me happy cuz when I'm busy I don't have time to think that much, and when I don't have time to think, I don't get depressed, and when I don't get depressed, life's not as crappy as it sometimes seems to be. I don't make sense, do I? Anyways, today was okay. School was alright. I met my mom at 1 pm, and then we had lunch together. Yummy, fish tastes good ;) Then I went to almost all stores in Werdau and gave them 2 or 3 fliers which were about when and where people can donate for the victims of the floods. It took my about an hour to distribute all 70 fliers. Jeez, I was soooo polite, and I had the sweetest smile on my face :P Well, and afterwards I went back to school. This Cambridge course took place at 3 today for the first time. We only got some information and stuff. Yeah, so then I went home and now I'm so incredibly groggy. My feet hurt, and so does my neck. Gunna work out in an hour, and then study some for my history class tomorrow. OMG OMG OMG!!! I get back my quiz tomorrow. 0 points. I know that. Crap. That sucks :*(
I still don't know what's his name :(( He didn't took the bus this morning. Maybe tomorrow morning. I really really hope sooo. Then I'm gunna smile at Mr. Perfect and probably say good morning, and he HOPEFULLY will smile back or say hi or good morning. *sniffles* And what if he doesn't? *dies* Whatever ..

Alrighty, gotta do my physics homework, and then it's work out time. Yay.
Buh bye!!
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busy busy busy   
05:46pm 18/08/2002
mood: sick
My weekend was alright. On Friday, Anne and I saw Ali. Great movie, liked it a lot.
Yesterday night, I met some friends and we went clubbing. It was sooooo hot in there. Holy shit. I went home at 1 am, and actually I wanted to watch this movie on TV but I was hella tired, and I fell asleep. Then I awoke to some weird sound and finally went to bed at 3 or so.
Today's my grandparents' anniversary, so we went out for lunch and stuff. It was okay. We came home by 3, and then I started to search some information for my History project.

Some German shit:
Wenn ihr manchmal irgendwelche Infos über die bürgerliche Revolution 1848/1849 habt, dann bitte bitte sagt mir Bescheid. Ich brauch so ziemlich alles darüber .. Ursachen, Verlauf, Ereignisse, Folgen (auch für Europa) und politische Kräfte. DAAAAAAAAANKE!!!
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05:31pm 16/08/2002
mood: okay
Yo. Goin to the movies with keepitgoin and then we're gunna hang out for a while in Zwickau. I guess I'll be back by 11 or so. Dunno.

Gotta get ready. Later
love me
02:31pm 16/08/2002
mood: confused
Okay, I need a break. I mean a real break. I'm feeling sick and exhausted, and I'm sorta depressed. Things are crappy .. whatever. I'm not gunna update my lj in the next couple of days. Maybe I'll be back next week, next month .. we'll see.

I just need a BREAK!
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Before you buy a bra ..   
08:52pm 15/08/2002
mood: amused
for all the girls out there who wanna buy their first bra!!!! .. and if guys are interested :P
Lol, I found this site with the sweet title BEFORE YOU BUY A BRA! How neat .. ;)
love me
yesterday yesterday .. hahahahaha   
06:50pm 15/08/2002
mood: confused & totally exhausted
Oh boy, I'm really really groggy. I just came home. I left at 6:25 this morning, and came home at 7 pm = more than 12 hours away!!!! It was a weird day .. I attended the track meeting, and it was okay. We have a competition next Thursday in Dresden. But Dresden is in a crappy situation cuz of all the water and mud, so we dunno if it's really next week or one week later or if it is in Leipzig or Chemnitz .. we'll be told about it by Tuesday. It's an important competition :/

So I saw Mr. Perfect today again. OH MY GOD. Today he looked even better *wants him* Haha.

Another very very strange thing happened last night. I was about to fall asleep as I remembered to turn on my cell. It is usually off but sometimes I have to check my messages. Then I read this:
I'd like to talk to you, if it's okay. We haven't talked to each other for a loooong time .. which is all my fault. Jo

HA! I was .. shocked .. I suddenly felt really sick. My ex messaged me on my cell .. HAHAHAHA! That's the craziest thing ever. I mean, the last time we talked was like 2 years ago. I guess it's cuz he saw me crying (not really crying .. just had some tears in my eyes) at the bus station on Tuesday. Gawd. So today in school, I ran into him, and I was like "Er .. Jo, you messaged me on my cell, didn't you?" He goes "Yeah. Did you read it?" "Yup." "So .. can I call you?" "Yes." LOL. I was in the exact same situation like 2 years ago. Yeah, so .. he can call me. I'll talk to him. I'm okay with that even though he's changed a lot. He's so damn ugly now. Baahhh :P I'm mean, I know. But he used to look so good. Whatever. So this was really funny, huh?

Alright, I'm all sweaty and I'm gunna hop in the shower now.

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06:04pm 14/08/2002
mood: blah
picsCollapse )
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what would you do?   
04:23pm 14/08/2002
mood: relaxed
So today was pretty cool. I slept in until like half past 8, then I got up and did some unimportant stuff, changed the layout of my lj, had lunch and I studied for the geography quiz on Friday and for my French class and English class a little. I'm gunna study some more later today. I was soooo cold, and totally stressed out, so I took a warm bath and listened to some old songs. Meat Loaf has a great voice :P I'm already wearing my PJs. *looks at her PJs and at her watch* Weird

Yeah, so .. yesterday I saw on of the greatest guys on earth. You know, I always take the bus in the morning. I always sit on one of the seats in the back and talk to some younger peeps from my school. Anyways, yesterday this guy took the bus as well. He's like at least 6' (taller than me!!!!), dark short hair (like dark brown .. not black), cute smile (!!!!) and I'd say he's 20 something. I liked his clothes. I mean, he looked elegant, sporty and cool, all at the same time. And he had a neat little backpack :)
I also took the bus home, ya know, and he drove past the bus station and he looked at me. Neat, huh? So I do know he lives in Leubnitz as well, and he takes the bus in the morning too, so I really wanna get to know this guy.
Do you have an idea what I could do to get to know him?? Please comment, ladies and gents!! ;) He's like .. Mr. Perfect. LOL ..

Alright, gotta study some more.
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12:17pm 14/08/2002
mood: creative
my lj has a new layout. yayayayay!!
it's a girlie thing. doobie doo :P

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